Monday, September 26, 2011

Nature & Art: Entomology Photography Project

Start with the work in our previous post. When your child is comfortable with the first set or so of cards, add a photography component to the project.

You will need a simple point and shoot camera for your child to use, but it is best if the camera can shoot small objects at a close range (something to consider if you will buy one).

Show your child how to use the camera. Keep in mind that hands-on, simple explanations are best -- let him or her hold the camera and try focusing on different things.

Now he or she can make a morning's project out of looking for insects to photograph. Perhaps he or she will be able to spot a small spider's web indoors or on the windowsill, too.

Take inspiration from the Ladybug photo above by Neeku on Flickr, who has graciously shared her photo with us!

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