Thursday, September 22, 2011

Natural Science: Entomology Study Insect Cards

You can make a beginning set of entomology cards for your child when he or she is in the first or second year of Primary class. These would include the traditional three-part card setup: Master cards with pictures and labels, picture-only cards, and label-only cards.

Start with 8 cards for basic insects such as the lady bug and grasshopper.

Place the box of cards on a section of your nature shelf labeled "Entomology". Explain that it means the scientific study of insects.

From this point onwards, make new sets of cards from time to time. You can also start categorizing the insects by type.

We encourage everyone working at home to take advantage of the free educational resources available online such as university sites. Texas A&M, for example, makes available lots of text and high-resolution photographs that you can print to use at home.

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