Thursday, July 8, 2010

Throwing Exercises for Gross Motor Skills and Hand Eye Coordination

Active outdoor play is a regular part of your child's Montessori day that should be scheduled into the day at least once in addition to other active play periods.

Throwing exercises aid gross motor skill development and hand eye coordination. Here are some throwing and related activity ideas (a few can be used indoors):

1. Throwing a baseball across a field. You can also play catch with your child.
2. Passing a basketball back and forth with another person.
3. Dribbling a basketball.
4. Throwing a basketball or other large ball against a wall and catching it. The ball can also be bounced on the ground before and/or after catching.
5. Playing a game of basketball.
6. Tossing foam balls into a large washbasin.
7. Tossing tennis balls into a laundry basket.
8. Tossing a beach ball into the air and hitting it.
9. Tossing a beach ball to another person to play catch.

Do you have ideas to share? Let us know!

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