Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Developing your Child's Stereognostic Sense: Summer Mystery Bag

Our stereognostic sense allows us to identify objects by touch. Many of the pieces of equipment in the Montessori classroom's Sensorial section work on developing this sense.

An excellent summer exercise is to put together a Mystery Bag with objects that your child can identify by touch while closing his or her eyes or wearing a blindfold.

Look for a beautiful bag that has a drawstring or flap to hide the contents.

Fill the bag with tantalizing contents such as glass marbles, miniature wooden blocks, a tiny metal car, a penny, a dime, a quarter, a piece of beach glass with soft edges, a big feather, a soft downy feather, a sunflower seed, a metal chopstick, a piece of a beehive, a ribbon, and anything else that you find.

Your child closes his or her eyes, reaches into the bag, feels the objects, and identifies it...without looking at it. Then he or she takes the object out of the bag and sees what it is.

This is a great group game that children can play anywhere.

This wonderful handmade Mystery Bag is one I happened upon on the My Montessori Journey blog by Laura. Thanks tons for letting me use this inspirational picture!

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