Friday, December 28, 2007

Montessori Classroom Setup: Environment and Art

An inspiring quote from Maria Montessori in her 1912 book, The Montessori Method!

“Above the blackboards are hung attractive pictures, chosen carefully, representing simple scenes in which children would naturally be interested. Among the pictures in our "Children's House" in Rome we have hung a copy of Raphael's "Madonna della Seggiola", and this picture we have chosen as the emblem of the "Children's Houses" (a long very paragraph, continued on our site).

“The children, of course, cannot comprehend the symbolic significance of the "Madonna of the Chair", but they will see something more beautiful than that which they feel in more ordinary pictures, in which they see mother, father, and children. And the constant companionship with this picture will awaken in their heart a religious impression.”

Remember that the context of this quote was Italy in the early 1900s, when religion was a part of everyone’s daily life. Whether your family is religious or not, we find this quote extraordinary because it shows the deep thought that Dr. Montessori gave to the artwork she chose for her first classroom.

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