Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Montessori Equipment in Australia

A few parents from Australia have asked for site ideas, so I thought to post the link to Bright Tomato Learning here.

In the US, I have dug up a handful of suppliers, but given the high cost of shipping overseas, especially to Australia (I feel so badly about the shipping costs!), I wanted to share this local link for those of you in Australia and New Zealand.

Some of their material that is not explicitly Montessori is also good such as the puzzle maps with small knobs.

Most Montessori equipment is now made in China, so Bright Tomato sources their material here, but they deal with customs, importing, testing, and so forth as retailers normally do.

Btw, we do spot check equipment we purchase here in the US (it also comes from China). Scrape off a bit of paint in an inconspicuous place and test it for lead using an off the shelf kit.

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