Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Montessori Reading: CVC Words

Once your child has used the sand tray, the sandpaper letters, and formed basic CVC words with the movable alphabet, you can introduce words on cards.

Using small blank rolodex cards (you can use any card, but these can be purchased cheaply in bulk), create word cards with the consonants in red and the vowels in blue (you can set it up on the printer or write them by hand).

Make six or so these cards to start using short "a" CVC words such as cat, hat, rat, and other words that use the short "a" with an ending "t". Next, make short "a" words with an ending "d" and then an "n" and continue until you have lots of little sets.

When your child is working with CVC words, remember to work with one set of short "a" cards at a time. Then use all the short "a" cards. And only then move to the short "e" cards. Do not mix them up until your child has mastered the sounds!

Your child can use these cards for reading practice, forming with the movable alphabet, or writing practice.

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