Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learning to Teach Montessori at Home: One Quick Tip

Maintain your patience!

We realize that a lot of parents are starting to teach their children at home because they are unhappy with their current schools or day care providers. This is great, but remember that this is a fresh start for your child. He or she should feel that working at home with Mom or Dad is a wonderful new project.

Set up the classroom at home in a beautiful and attractive manner (see earlier posts about shelves and equipment), complete with paintings on the wall (try a simple poster by Monet), plants, and a fish or animal.

Just starting now? Put a reading corner together first. A good light, comfortable chair, rug, cushions, and a nice book collection of easy to challenging reading makes a perfect start.

Questions? Send them in, so we can share them with everyone!

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