Sunday, August 8, 2010

Practical Life: Flower Arranging -- Fun Link with Great Photos

One lovely exercise in the Montessori practical life section is flower arranging. Children gather flowers and leaves, prepare them, and arrange them in a glass vase. Before working with this exercise, children have already practiced walking with a delicate vase, so their handling skills and coordination is well-honed.

Searching for inspiration, I found this wonderful link to the Little Flower Shop via the New York Times online's article "Flower Arranging Finds a Younger Audience." Hoping they will share a few photos with me later which I'll post to show everyone.

If you are putting a flower arranging exercise together for your child, the two of you can search for and use any variety of materials such as pine cones, fresh herbs, tall grasses, stems with berries or cherry tomatoes, leaves, and, of course, freshly cut flowers.

Did your child put together an arrangement today? We'd love to share it with our readers!

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