Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Building Writing Skills for Kindergarten through Elementary School: Creative Writing

Creative writing can take many forms and all of them are good!

Your child can start by creating his or her own sentences to go with the Grammar Sentence or Reading Analysis formats. This is often fun for children because they can see the types of sentences and think of other words that would fulfill the role of article, adjective, conjuction, adverb, and noun... or an action word plus a subject and two direct objects!

Away from structured time, your child can work on creative projects such as crafting and writing holiday cards with inscriptions. The use of language can focus on poetry, rhyming, storytelling, or anything else that captures your child's imagination. Art work suits creative writing nicely, too, and can incorporate everything from origami and mosaics to photography and drawing.

Your child can also write short book or movie reviews, postcards or emails to family members, short stories, trip reports after a family trip, and any other interest-related piece of work.

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