Friday, March 20, 2009

Montessori Reading: Make a Book

As a follow up to the post below, a wonderful way to introduce children to books is to make one together!

After you introduce your child to several Sandpaper Letters (see post below), create a book with the letters written in red or blue, depending on whether they are vowels or consonants.

Take several sheets of large format art paper, fold the pages in half, put in three holes, and weave yarn through the holes. Now write the letters on the pages -- use Century Gothic font because letters such as "a" are written as they are shown in the Sandpaper Letter set (the top part of the "a" does not have the hook on it like it does here in Times Roman).

Voila! Your child's own book Now he or she can write on the book or create new pages and books on his or her own. Younger children will enjoy using a crayon or colored pencil and making shapes far before they can actually make the letters, so let your child enjoy the experience and gain a love of learning without worrying about how the letters look now.

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