Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to Get Fat Without Trying

This documentary hosted by Peter Jennings is well worth watching for everyone who is interested in childhood nutrition:


Pecos Blue said...

I am looking for resources on how Montessori does disipline. We have started adding concepts to our home like doing for yourself and having responsibilities. I have one 2 and half year old. But sometimes he just refuses and I am not sure how to respond? Any help would be appreciated.

Montessori House said...

Thanks for your comment! Here are some brief suggestions:

1) Set up a home environment that allows your child to be independent in his or her activities. A lot of toddler-parent problems involve the child wanting to do something independently when it is not appropriate, so try to make sure that activities and material are child-sized and appropriate (put breakables away until your child is older, etc).

Here is a link to an early post:

2) Make sure there is plentiful equipment and lots of activity choices.

3) Make sure your child has several active play opportunities, preferably outdoors, every day.

Some more details here:

And general guidelines for your child's age group:

Hope this helps!

Pecos Blue said...

Thank you. I am getting a list of activities and starting to make several. Any suggestions on what I should start with on my shelf?