Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Practical Life: Pouring

A classroom favorite in Montessori classrooms for children under six is pouring water.

Start here for younger children and prepare two child-sized pitchers and a tray. You can fill one pitcher 3/4 full of water, place both pitchers on the tray, and put everything on a shelf.

Show your child how to use one hand to hold the handle while placing the other hand on the opposite side of the pitcher to pour it. He or she can pour the water from one pitcher to another.

Once your child is comfortable with the mechanics of pouring, you can provide glasses for the exercise so your child can refine his or her pouring techniques and accompanying fine and gross motor skills.

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Del said...

Children love to pour. I use large, medium, and small pitchers. I also use pitchers of different sizes. For example, on the tray, I place a large pitcher and two small pitchers. The children pour from the large pitcher equally into the two smaller pitchers.